What is the difference between rigid joints and hinged joints

When it comes to connecting and articulated, friends familiar with the construction industry are more understanding. So what’s the difference between rigid and articulated? What should we pay attention to when making articulated joints? Take a look!

Rigid connection and hinged difference:

1, the difference in principle

In the actual project, when reaching a certain stiffness, it is identified as rigid connection in the project. But if it can bear the bending moment, but the deformation is large, it is identified as semi-rigid connection, elastic fixed. The hinge can not bear the bending moment, but can be free to rotate, only shear and axial force.

2. Structural differences

If the steel structure is just connected, the upper and lower flanges and webs need to be connected to the structure, and the connecting surface is larger. Usually using lap method and reinforcement configuration, better stability. And hinge as long as the web is connected to the structure. There is not much contact with the steel plate. Because the steel plate contact is too large, the hinged material is easy to rotate, resulting in poor durability and rigidity.

What is the difference between rigid joints and hinged joints

3. Different passing objects

Rigid connection will pass the steel bar to transfer the moment and shear force, the use of bending moment can be well connected with the steel plate, prevent the damage of the steel plate, increase security. Articulated joints can transfer only shear force, not bending moment. The main force in the center of the hinge, so that both ends of the pressure, to the partial pressure action.

4. Different theories

Rigid connection refers to the node does not rotate at all, but can bear shear force, node stiffness, and hinged is free to rotate. Unable to bear the moment. If I – shaped components, the wing is bent, the web is cut. Do hinge to pay attention to what:

1, hinged construction, due to the use of materials is more, when choosing, we should pay attention to the brand of materials, to ensure the quality of products, it is recommended to buy formal building materials market, if the purchase amount is large, can contact the manufacturer to buy, more preferential.

2, when hinged, each member should be fixed, but not too dead, otherwise it can not be free to rotate. In addition, if not the operation of friends suggest looking for professional help.

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