British phone card shopping guide

How are you preparing for your trip to Britain? Have you packed your bags? Check out this article:

But in addition to the luggage, accustomed to the "net worm" friends can not forget to take the "Internet", so as not to face no network after the landing of the dilemma!

Therefore, it is important to book a phone card that can be used in the UK before you travel! Xiaobian today to bring you a wave of phone card purchase guide, no more to say, enter the topic ~

Carrier Introduction
According to the general idea, before choosing a Pr phone cards, we must first understand the basic information of the operator. As we all know, in China, the phone card market is divided by China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. But things are different in Britain.

The UK operator market is fiercely competitive, with a wide range of companies, big and small, but the best-known physical operators are these four players: O2, Vodafone, Three and EE; ​in addition, five other virtual network operators are also popular: Giffgaff, Lebara, Talkmobile, Lycamobile and Tesco Mobile.

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In addition to the carrier situation and domestic differences, there are three clear categories of mobile phone cards in the UK, respectively:

(For temporary use, you can directly Pay As You Go in supermarkets, stop reports, gas stations, etc., which is very convenient and does not need to verify your identity);
​sIM Only: If you buy a card separately, you can choose not to sign a contract (30 days), or choose to sign a 12-month contract, which usually requires a credit review and identification certificate.
Buy a Mobile Phone and get a free phone and data package. Sign a long-term contract (at least 12 months).
Having learned the basic information,

Let's go to the recommendation section!

01 3 Three

Founded by Li Ka-shing, 3 is the first UK company to support video telephony. It now provides 3G, 4G and 5G networks, accounting for about 40% of the UK's Internet use. The signal range is all over Europe, making it ideal for those who want to move around rather than stay in the UK. The biggest advantage is that it is cheap and cost-effective. The disadvantage is that the signal may be a little unstable in some areas.

02 EE

EE is now Britain's biggest operator, formed by the merger of T-Mobile and Orange. It is very satisfying that EE's signal is stable across the UK, and that 4G is the fastest of the big four, and now 5G is available.

03 O2

O2 is an old mobile phone operator in the UK with a high reputation and reputation, and its customer satisfaction ranks first in the UK. Besides 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G network services, its biggest highlight is of course O2WIFI.

After downloading the O2 mobile APP and registering, the system can automatically connect to O2 hotspots across the UK, including the WIFI in the London Underground, which is very considerate and practical.

04 Vodafone

​Vodafone is the oldest multinational telecom operator in Britain, and the second largest communication network company in the world. It has more than 500 physical stores in Britain.

Vodafone's 3G and 4G coverage is excellent, even in rural basement areas, and there are many unlimited data packages available for individual apps.

In addition, Pay Monthly offers a 10% student discount that can be used on contracted phones or SIM only. And the 48 countries outside Europe are free of roaming charges!

But its biggest drawback is that it is really expensive. If you use this, the call time and data had better not exceed the plan, otherwise the excess charge is not low oh ~

China Telecom: CTExcel

Get a free month's package and £5 off if you order a multi-month package before 30 September! Apply before departure and activate after landing in the UK to get the reward!

China Mobile: CMLink

This is a British calling card specially launched by the UK for Chinese people living in the UK. It is very suitable for overseas students.

CMLink WILL GIVE 1000 MINUTES OF FREE CALLS FROM the UK TO THE Chinese mainland. The most important thing is that it can also be associated with home numbers, and support a card number. It is very practical OH!

07 Giffgaff

The most popular phone cards among students in the UK are usually available on Taobao in China due to their low price and convenience.

Giffgaff is on O2's network (3G, 4G& 5G) and comes with regular Goodybags (includes data, calls and texts, monthly) and 4G Gigabags (data only).

The cheapest Goodybags plan costs £6 a month: unlimited UK domestic calling + unlimited texting +500MB data, and free phone calls for Giffgaff partners. An international call back home takes 2p per minute.

In fact, in addition to the British phone cards being very popular, our domestic operators also provide international services. Oh, and there are special offers for students, super cost-effective!

Remember to get your calling card before you leave!

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