Hardware stamping cracking how should be handled

Stamping processing plant in the processing of metal stamping parts, there will be a variety of defects, such as: the production process often appear daily metal stamping parts split. Next metal stamping part manufacturer will give you the analysis of hardware stamping parts after cracking countermeasures.

Anti-cracking countermeasures:

In order to avoid cracking, it is necessary to take effective measures from the structure, forming process and stamping die of covering parts.

(1) hardware stamping parts of the structure, can be adopted by the countermeasures are: the circular arc half some big, bevel appearance in the depth of the depth of the depth of the shallow some, each part of the deep symmetry, the appearance as simple as possible and as light as possible to slow some etc..

(2) At the technological level of deep drawing, the key countermeasures can be adopted: the deep drawing direction should make the contact area between the die base and the blank material as large as possible, the effective stripping surface appearance and the edge wrapping force should make the friction resistance at each position of the pressing material surface symmetrical and appropriate, reduce the deep drawing layer, and open the processing holes and wounds, etc.

(3) On the stamping die: the design scheme can be used to effectively draw the reinforcement, choose a large die arc, make the die seat and cavity void effective countermeasures.

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