Timeless home color scheme

Of all the colors, blue is the most loved and appreciated. It's one of the most relaxing colors that permeates our lives. Now you can look up and look around. Is there a blue? In artistic creation, the obsession with blue is common. In art, film, home furnishing and other fields, "blue" has been endowed with various meanings.

From the discovery of blue pigment by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago to the discovery of indelible YInMn blue by scientists today, blue has held up the whole history of art.

Timeless home color scheme

Van Gogh loved blue and used a lot of it in his short theatrical life. In his paintings, there are different shades of blue, psychedelic blue, warm blue, blue longing, crazy blue... These deep and shallow different meanings of blue, has become a rich treasure in the history of art.

For pop artist Yves Klein, "Blue is sky, water, air, depth and infinity, freedom and life. Blue is the most essential color of the universe. "All his life, he is committed to escaping from the worldly encumbances, getting rid of consumerism and materialism, and looking for the blue sky of freedom.

In film and television creation, color is an important prop to express emotions. In the Red, White and Blue Trilogy, blue is endowed with the meaning of "freedom". The film is a slow story about a woman who loses her family and finds the freedom to move on with her life. The blue swimming pool in the movie, the blue crystal lamp, the blue candy paper, the blue wall...... Beneath the melancholy blues, there is a struggle with the past and a yearning for the future. Blue is rebirth and freedom.

Timeless home color scheme

The blue in Moonlight is even darker. "Black children in the moonlight are blue," the film says. Destined for the boy as blue general melancholy heavy growth course. In the final scene of the movie, the boy stands on the beach under the blue moonlight, and the black boy in the moonlight seems to blend with the deep blue sea and moonlight. Blue is a delicate beauty, but also a happy pain.

The blue in 03 household is in living in a space, blue can all take in any atmosphere. Porcelain makes place piece, yakili chair, adornment picture, even if it is again common household, meet blue to give another kind of glamour. Simple white and crisp blue are a cp combo that never goes wrong. When the space appears blue and white, they cause the association is the sea, blue sky, white clouds quiet and vast, bring comfortable and relaxed visual enjoyment and anacreontic and light living experience.

Timeless home color scheme

When blue serves as those who live in a space advocate tone, its silent cold feeling needs to be reconciled with more energetic color. Abstruse blue department besmears brushwork wall, joined trifling gray level, let atmosphere quiet and gentle come down. Add metallic lubricious ornament, add a few minutes grace and grace for the space again. Timeless classic blue, simple in the elegant, just like the evening sky, thought-provoking, reassuring.

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