Developers do simple waterproof treatment, DO I have to do it again?

About the decoration of a major key - waterproof. There is an old doggerel: "If the waterproof is not good, the neighbor will find sooner or later." Waterproof not to do well, not only suffering from their own, but also trouble the neighbors, causing a disharmonious neighborhood, which I believe we do not want to see it.

All want to achieve something, need to pay, want to create a safe and comfortable living environment, do not think once and for all, or to pay attention to the effort, the heart of the thing. Next, xiaobian intimate for the owners of friends ready to decorate dry goods: developers do waterproof, they also need to do what waterproof measures, quickly circle focus review, to talk about the details of waterproof decoration need to pay attention to. Need suggestions forward favorites, I hope this share is helpful to you.

First say, just mentioned the problem: bought a house, developers do simple waterproof treatment, I have to do it again?

This is a lot of owners of friends entangled in the problem, in fact, divided into two cases, see what kind of you are.

Situation one: hardcover room

At this point, there's no need to redo it. Remember to read the terms of the contract, remember to do a good job of inspection, after all, if the water leaks, also increase trouble for you. If the late leakage, it is possible to protect rights, but also belongs to the developer to assume responsibility.

Developers do simple waterproof treatment, DO I have to do it again?Case two: Roughcast room

Although, developers to help you do a good job of waterproof, but after all, they do not live ah, want a good waterproof effect, it is their own hands. After all, this is your home, if the late construction, waterproof problems, it is difficult to determine who is responsible, then suggest you: the start when the start, redo it.

Waterproof where to do?

Pay attention to these wet areas, such as: balcony, kitchen, toilet can be a big user of water ah, good waterproof to use!

Attached is a list of inspection criteria for waterproofing:

(1) See the ground, whether to brush regular waterproof material.

② Look at the toilet:

Go to see the place that your home takes a bath again, also be give water big door, the metope of shower room, the waterproof layer height here, must not be under 1.8m. Check to see if it is brushed neatly.

If there is a bathtub area, it needs to be 30cm above the functional area.

(3) Look at the kitchen, the wall part of the kitchen, the overall need to return height of about 30cm, you can take a small ruler, kitchen washing area, sink area back height is recommended to be 50cm.

4 balcony part, also be washing machine and so on often practical place, the metope here returns high 30cm or so can.

Finally, don't ignore a point: three points by waterproof, seven points by drainage, don't forget the drainage problem.

Here is a warm reminder to the majority of owners of friends: remember to be careful in the decoration of water and electricity, remember to choose quality of water pipes, wires, hardware, waterproof and other materials. Choose reliable decoration company, and find decoration company to ask the specific brand performance of water and electricity materials, and do serious supervision. Can ask to decorate a company to help you refer to famous name high, reliable material brand. It is very important to choose appropriate home outfit company at this time.