How does sitting room lamp act the role ofing choose?

Living room space as an important reception area in our new home, many friends want to choose a beautiful atmosphere of lighting, good lighting style is not only convenient to use, but also to enhance the overall sense of beauty of home space, so how should we choose a cost-effective living room lighting?

Living room lighting skills

We when selecting a sitting room lighting design should be reasonable collocation according to the area of the whole space, sitting room space is compared commonly big family, we can choose a large area of the main light and auxiliary lamp with design patterns, so that we can easily meet the demand of our different lighting use, also can effectively avoid lighting a corner; If the overall living room space area is relatively small, we can choose a single main lamp design, which can meet our daily lighting needs.

How does sitting room lamp act the role ofing choose?

If the height of the living room space is relatively high, we can choose the chandelier style with the light source upward, which can effectively pull into the overall space of the distance between light and shade, perfect balance between the upper space and the lower space of the visual sense; If the height of the living room space is not very ideal, we can choose to absorb the ceiling lamp design, so that the interior space will look fashionable and beautiful, but also won’t take up too much height space, beautiful and practical.

In choosing the sitting room when undertaking the lamp ACTS the role of brightness, we also want to consider the whole sitting room inside the natural lighting, wall ground colour, furniture design, etc., as far as possible choose warm color to move the light source, reduce the use of white light lighting, avoid too jump visual experience, if you can pick out lamp is to use warm color and cool color to move, we can also select multiple frequency adjustable lighting design, So we don’t have to worry about it

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