What are the features of integrated water heaters?

Integrated water heater is to point to water heater of ark of integrated shower screen, integrated bathroom commonly, basically be aimed at bathroom space is small, the product such as new development such as improper installation. Integrated shower screen water heater is shower screen and namely heat type water heater union, bring oneself top gush, side gush, flower asperses wait for the water heater that wash bath function, need not preheat ahead of schedule, namely open namely heat, it is very convenient.

So what are the features of the integrated water heater? There are mainly the following aspects:

1. The security

Analysis of sea bath screen water heater: late alert and cover 360 degree electric wall insurance, simultaneous Haier electrical wall skills and Smith PS insurance fragmental insurance of the two major insurance guarantees, global insurance cover fragmental. Conservative electric water heater: anti-leakage cover, anti-overheating, anti-overvoltage cover; The power cord and fuselage hide the idea with a simple touch.

Experience 2.

Integrated water heater curtain heater: When hot water stays at zero, prepare to use zero cold water discharge. The comfort of a real five-star hotel. Traditional electric water heater: clean and take a bath to want energy-saving, with inconvenient pipeline cool and refreshing.

What are the features of integrated water heaters?

3. The appearance of the

Whitewashing is not effective; Ballistic and power major response wonderful. Conservative electric water heater: a red or gray, low grade, beautiful. Sea bath heater: a variety of styles, high grade, fashionable wonderful: a variety of styles, multiple panels and color options: whitewash and applicable inorganic consistent, bathhouse time pattern is more proper to improve the bathhouse whitewash title.

4. Space utilization

Shower heater: VAT, bathroom space layout more reasonable, more comfortable. Traditional electric water heater: The head is a large bucket, crowded, depressed, uncomfortable.

5. Installation

Integrated water heater: easy and convenient: easy to install, easy to move, as a washing machine. A device for conditional shielding; Wall hole, small half climb, no music, no dirt, clean easy. After the installation, it can not move, convenient when; In the process of installation, people are disturbed. Conservative electric water heater: fence disassembly simple noble: connoisseurship shade attack, is waiting at home, take care of.