Porch does not install shoe ark, more and more people like to receive so

Is the first word that pops into your head: living room? Restaurant? The kitchen? These place is very important really, but actually the place that can intuitionistic reveal style most is — porch. As the first place to see the door, its decoration, layout and cleanliness will intuitively give people a good or bad first impression.

Look from use Angle, the role that porch acts above all is “receive”. Most people are used to take off their shoes after entering the house, put on indoor slippers, and put dirty shoes in the porch! Want to satisfy these functions, need porch has enough store content space, and wear of shoe ark, shoe is porch common receive design.

But ark of design shoe or put shoe wear need to take up corridor space, and corridor of some door porch is narrow, the space that shoes of ark of design shoe wear goes in and out can show slightly narrow. So for beautiful and convenient, more and more people like to receive porch shoe so.

Yes, you read that right! Use simple receive wear to stick in metope directly, the shoe that changes after taking the door can be hanged directly on shoe shelf. Compared with shoe ark character, such simple shoe wears construction is convenient, save budget, still can save space for porch, really wide open one’s horizon!

With simple shoe rack on construction same, receive with cylinder form box adhesion at metope! Receive box interior space is sufficient, can easily satisfy family to put shoe or store content demand.

Porch does not install shoe ark, more and more people like to receive soSuch design is opposite simple shoe wear character has aesthetic feeling more, can change according to individual be fond of the modelling that receives a box, appearance level and practical coexist.

If you want to take more convenient, you can also use a pallet design instead of a shoe cabinet. Be like figure above, design the bracket board that hangs shoe in door metope, modelling is likewise rich multilateral and have metallic simple sense extremely. Combine storage and decoration, kill multiple birds with one stone!

Whether apply to all metope?

Are these simple shoes worn above convenient and interesting? But the yu does not cover the defect, convenient to go to convenient, so the shoe rack hanging on the wall or quite many shortcomings, not applicable to all walls, need to depend on the actual situation;

1. The dirty shoes are directly hung on the wall, and the wall is easy to be dirty in the process of taking. The part of the wall on the ceramic tile is ok. It is very difficult to clean after metope of common latex paint is dirty, time grew full wall is footprint, too affect beautiful

2, porch wall hanging a pile of shoes, the use is indeed to save space, but also affect the overall appearance level. Do you feel a little awkward entering a room full of shoes?

If the hallway space is not enough, I worry about the design of shoe cabinets and shoe racks will take up aisle space. Consider storing your shoes in another space, such as under the bed in your bedroom at home

The shoe that often wears can be put beside the cushion that takes the door, and the shoe that does not often wear change season might as well receive the space such as content ark to bedroom bed bottom, chest, balcony! In addition, if the wall of the porch is thicker and not load-bearing wall, then the wall is hollowed-out part of the design embedded shoe cabinet is also a good storage choice.

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