The difference between CNC band saw and CNC saw milling machine

CNC band saw was all the rage, although the momentum of development is still strong, but with the rise of CNC saw milling machine, woodworking special-shaped cutting machine, seems to be powerless. Many people can't seem to tell the two devices apart. Today, we invited blacksmiths and carpenters to discuss this issue!

The difference between CNC band saw and CNC saw milling machine

What is a CNC saw milling machine?

​The CNC saw milling machine is a new type of CNC cutting machine, perfect solution to the traditional band saw corner turning problem. Some people call it a wire saw, a rope saw, all nonsense. As the name implies, the saw and milling machine takes into account both the sawing and milling functions, perfect sawing to cut the required shape, there is no limit, the sawing surface is very smooth!

What is a CNC band I saw?

The so-called CNC band saw is through the saw head chassis rotation to complete the cutting of the relevant shape of the material. ​The Sawing machine and control system are responsible for working together, feeding platform is responsible for feeding, saw blade rotation to control the sawing road, complete the cutting work of the product, eliminating manual drawing link, do not have to manually control the plate feeding, greatly improve the safety performance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC saw milling machines and CNC bands seen in the saw industry?

Long story short, get to the point. CNC saw milling machines are available in many shapes and styles. In short, it has a lot of features and a very smooth sawing surface. It does not require post processing, but the material size is slightly larger and the saw path is 4-8 mm. Because it is processed with a milling cutter, a milling cutter that spins too thin at high speed is easy to break. Milling machine processing thickness within 150 mm.

As for the CNC band saw, its price is cheap, saw gap is only 2 to 3 mm or so, processing thickness or height range. Conventional machine cutting thickness can reach 260 mm, can achieve multiple stacked cutting together. Customer special requirements can be made to greater thickness. However, the numerical control band saw is limited by the width of the saw blade, the shape of processing is relatively few, the radius is less than 600 mm radian can not be processed, and the processing of the road surface is somewhat rough. Of course, it's better than manual mode. CNC band saw is cheaper than saw milling machine. The structure of these two equipment is almost the same, both are control cabinet plus feeding platform. The difference between features and price is huge!

​The function is different, the price is different, good steel to use the blade, which is about furniture factory bosses according to their own wool and processing requirements to choose their own CNC woodworking machinery.

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