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How should the toilet that does not have window decorate a design?

There are some rooms in the decoration of the toilet is doomed to be no Windows, so many owners will be distressed because the toilet has no Windows, the following small series to explain to you how to decorate the toilet without Windows.

The bathroom lighting

There are a lot of windowless toilets that don't have ceilings and can leave 20cm of outdoor light, close to the kitchen, and can use kitchen lamps. You can also choose light-colored tiles to brighten the room and make the space look better visually. You can install lights to illuminate the space. Using mirrors with light sources will also increase the brightness of the space.

Bathroom deodorant treatment

The most afraid of is the smell of the toilet, water pipe is the source of the smell of the toilet, toilet for preventive treatment, water pipe can be u-shaped to prevent the smell of water pipe backup, the ground should also be clean floor drain position, to avoid debris accumulation, keep the water flow unimpeded.

Toilet waterproof

The interior decoration of the toilet is waterproof in the middle, usually at least twice. If the bathroom leaks, the walls will become moldy and fall off, and it is difficult to deal with. So the first waterproof coating, in order not to leak, must be waterproof test.

How should the toilet that does not have window decorate a design?

Toilet ventilation

How do you ventilate a windowless toilet? Although there are no toilets, exhaust fans can be used, or small ventilation channels can be installed, or fresh air systems can be introduced to filter exhaust and keep the air circulating inside the room.

The bathroom dehumidification

The air in the bathroom is humid, which can easily breed bacteria and produce odors. Consider installing an exhaust fan or bathroom to avoid long-term humidity and keep the bathroom clean and fresh.

Of toilet decorate should consider above detail not only, often clean even, maintain the cleanness of toilet.

For the toilet without Windows today shenyang Xingbang decoration xiaobian is introduced here, I hope to bring you more help.

Design with special-shaped ark opportunely, teratogenic zero space becomes perfect space in seconds

There are always some teratomized zero space in each apartment, which is not only hard to use, but also troublesome to clean. Therefore, this issue shares how to use irregular ark to save abnormal zero space, in order to promote the utilization rate of space and appearance level.

1. The teratomized null space under the staircase

Below the stairs is the most common abnormal zero space, if the space is large enough, can be designed according to the inclined plane extension to special-shaped cabinet, into an independent TV background wall, weakened the existence of the stairs, but also improve the practicality of the stairs.

Also can choose to do receive ark, for instance pull ark of type shoe or bookcase, upper part of cupboard door takes handle, install pulley to buy content to wear again, take very convenient, also can reduce clean housework quantity.

In addition, put the refrigerator under the stairs is also a good choice.

Design with special-shaped ark opportunely, teratogenic zero space becomes perfect space in seconds

2. The terato-null space of the corner

Common small family toilet, also can use special-shaped ark to develop the value that gives corner space. Use special shaped ark for instance the bevel that is in corner designs wash one's hands stage, vacate a space for access.

Irregular ark also can solve the problem of space cramped, for instance the bevel ark of closestool edge, can design the form that thick cabinet body transitions to thin cabinet body, with this put apart more mobile space.

The corner space with good light condition, also can use the corner desk that irregular ark makes arc, also same beautiful and practical.

Three, irregular balcony

Some door model has more characteristic modelling to satisfy outdoors, can have hexagonal or arc such irregular balcony or wave window, also can consider to do custom-made special-shaped ark.

Four, through the top storage cabinet

Accomplish the cabinet "indomite stand ground" form, can reduce the clean workload of abnormal zero space, still can increase receive a space.

Conclusion: special-shaped ark can raise receive amount, dissolve the space with uneven vision, also can reduce clean difficulty, it is the key reference object that custom-made household.

2022 cost-effective true wireless collar microphone selection guide: live, short video Vlog recording

Wireless lapel microphone, a type of wireless microphone, has become popular recently. It is a small, small and portable microphone, usually worn in the location of the user's clothing lapel. It can be freed from the cable, and the user can do whatever he or she wants without worrying about the sound. It is generally used in large conferences, live broadcasting, recording, online teaching, short video recording and other scenarios. Compared with the "wired microphone + loudspeaker" carried by teachers in traditional school classes, it is more convenient and simple to use.

Wireless lapel microphone

1. What are the characteristics of wireless lapel microphone and why has it become popular recently?
It is mainly based on 2.4g wireless transmission technology or Bluetooth 5.0 and AI intelligent noise reduction design, which can achieve the effect of low delay and high quality transmission. The transmission distance is generally within 20 meters and the connection can be stable. The general style is shown in the picture below, one lapel microphone transmitter and one wireless receiver. Small and portable, easy to carry.

2. What are the advantages of wireless lapel microphone?
Price advantage: The price of products in the general market is between 100~300, which is much cheaper than some professional microphones.
Portable advantage: the design is small and portable. The general size is about the length of 2 one-yuan coins, and the weight is about 30g.
Performance advantages: 2.4g ultra-low delay, simple plug and play operation (plug the device to power on, unplug the device to power off), intelligent noise reduction, clear sound quality, long distance barrier-free reception, high sensitivity.
3. Consider the selection factors of wireless lapel microphone
(1) Budget and brand: If the budget is enough, you can consider professional brands, such as SONY, MOMA and DJI; Commonly choose common 100~300 left and right sides of enough.

(2) Transmission mode: Bluetooth or 2.4g wireless, 2.4g wireless will be more stable than Bluetooth.

(3) Sound quality and noise reduction ability: intelligent noise reduction is supported by products on the market.

(4) Length of battery life: it is recommended to work for at least 4~10 hours and complete at least one live broadcast.

(5) Wireless lapel microphone receiver interface: Android Type-C interface, Apple Lightning interface, common audio interface. You can choose according to the usage scenario and environment.

Two, wireless lapel microphone (general) recommended
1. Phenface YUM5 Wireless Lapel Microphone (Type-c interface)
The product of Yang Fei si home, a professional supplier of live broadcasting equipment, has a good after-sales service, providing a three-year warranty without worry, lifelong customer service and 365 days free replacement.

Product features: jingdong sales of 20,000 +.

Professional 2.4g chip, low latency, long battery life.
360-degree all-pointing microphone, using AI intelligent algorithm noise reduction module, can accurately filter all kinds of noise,
20 meters long distance connection, 90mh battery capacity, charging 1 hour, can be used for 10 hours.
Support the use of mobile phone charging process, very convenient.

2. The Wireless Lavalier microphone

A wireless lavalier microphone, also known as a Lavalier microphone wireless system or clip microphone, is a small wired microphone widely used in film production and broadcasting. The Lavalier microphone wireless system is small and discreet, so it can be used for recording conversations. It can be used close to the lips without being seen, ensuring clear audio in various recording environments, whether Vlog recording, video reporting, or interview recording.

3, Masentek EP33C wireless lapel microphone (Type-C port or Apple Lightning port)
Masentek is the dominant brand in the field of Bluetooth in China.

Product features:

The appearance design is very fashionable, wear a sense of class.
Plug and play, the phone plug in the receiver can automatically connect.
Use high-density blowout preventer sponge and high sensitivity microphone to pick up sound in 360 degrees.
20 meters long distance connection, intelligent noise reduction, clear sound quality.
80mah battery, 10h battery life.

Wireless lapel microphone (one drag four) can take a look at this one

4. Good Shepherd V5 Wireless lapel Microphone (Single or Double)
This model has a different appearance design, which is the same as our previous MP3. Generally, it has 1 or 2 transmitters +1 receiver, which supports single or double use. It comes with Bluetooth accompaniment and has good reverberation effect.

This one can take monitor earphone oh, the whole accessories are rich, support mobile phone, camera, computer, compatibility is very good.
Compact, 24G, with true color LED to show operating status (signal status, Bluetooth connection, etc.).
Bluetooth 5.0 technology, plus DSP reverberation effect, intelligent noise reduction, can be used in outdoor noisy environment.
500mah battery, charging 1 hour, usable 4~6 hours.
All pointing to the radio. The radio is sensitive.
Support 7 days for no reason return.

5, A recommended microphone for iPhone introduction

As an iPhone exclusive microphone, this metal-encased microphone deserves your attention. With 5 digital presets, you can set different parameters and let us use the most appropriate way to speak, sing, record instruments, etc. Pick-up mode and gain Settings are also some of the highlights, but you'll need to install an iPhone App that supposedly converts deafening sounds at rock concerts into clear recordings.

The shape of this microphone is unique enough. It can provide us with a perfect stereo sound through special design. One is a strongly directional MID microphone, and the other is a dual directional side microphone. Side microphones capture sound on both sides. The sound recorded with this microphone will be very thick, and any special sound effects will not be difficult to sing in front of it. Oh, it is also exclusive to the iPhone.

Deal with noise? It's totally up to the job. It has three gain modes - quiet, car, loud voice, and you might get a little fresh sound from it, even at a rock concert. It's still iPhone exclusive.

The best thing about this versatile microphone is that it works with all Apple devices. It offers a bunch of capacitive microphones for mono and stereo, and users can freely switch between multiple modes. So it's an all-around fighter! However, the ablest worker, so its price is quite high!

6, DJI DJI Mic Wireless microphone Action 2/OM 5 (one drag two, with charging box)
DJI Mic wireless microphone noise reduction and recording performance is very good, including a dual-channel receiver and two wireless transmitters, but the price is more expensive.

Can achieve up to 250 meters wireless radio distance.
Both transmitters have built-in 8GB storage, which can be used as a recording pen alone or backup sound during recording to ensure the integrity of recording data.
Adopting adaptive frequency hopping technology and self-developed channel coding technology, it has strong anti-interference ability.
The receiver supports USB Type-C, Lightning and 3.5mm TRS output, compatible with mainstream mobile phones, all kinds of cameras and computers.
The battery lasts about five hours for the receiver and transmitter, and 15 hours with a charging case.
Support safe sound track to prevent sound loss caused by over-exposure.

7. Small Noise Reduction, Live Sharp Tool: Mini microphone Experience

Intended to make life easy for content creators, SYNCO provides every piece of vlogging equipment needed to create online video content on mobile devices. We even enter in product areas we have never got involved in, like LED lights. All this aims to make life simpler for potential buyers and meanwhile, provide a product range complete and ready for current and future dealers.

Hence, the brand-new all-in-one SYNCO vlogger kits were announced to become additions to our range of creative solutions for every recording situation. Carefully designed as a mobile film-making package, they feature a high-quality condenser microphone, a LED light, a mini tripod and accessories. The M1S directional microphone in each kit focuses on picking up what it is pointed at while reducing the background noise, ensuring audio is clean and intelligible.


With the development of we media industry, short video and live broadcast sales are becoming more and more popular, and wireless lapel microphone has made great progress and optimization in functions and performance. The sales and cost performance of these wireless lapel microphones are not bad, and the functions are almost the same, some of the radio distance is longer, some of the battery life is longer.

TV background wall how to choose atmospheric grade

As the saying goes: people rely on clothes, horse saddle, a house is no exception, need their own careful decoration, "home" to create their favorite appearance, the end of the house will always look empty, need to wait for furniture, soft decoration, to be able to move in. Today, I will share with you the effect of my hard decoration just completed, the north-south transparent house, the effect of marble tiles on the floor of the guest restaurant is very bright, the TV background wall is decorated with stone on the wall, the effect is atmospheric and grade, the effect of the whole room is very simple and comfortable to live, very satisfied. Can not help but give you a sun, I hope you like, ready to decorate and are decorating friends, remember to collect spare, can be used as a reference case oh.


Enter porch corridor ground undertakes laid with gray attune imitate marble grain ceramic tile, the position of right hand side is the area that enters door shoe ark, did not install now, the stone material that the metope of left hand side uses TV setting wall is outspread all the time shop sticks past, atmosphere is concise.

The sitting room

There is a spacious balcony outside the living room without sliding doors, so the overall space looks particularly spacious. The ground is also paved with gray marble tiles, decorated with two circles of black waveguide lines to enhance the atmosphere. The square roof of the top surface is designed to improve the layering sense of the living room. It is equipped with down lights and hard lighting environment with lamp belt. The TV background wall is paved with stone as a whole, and the effect is simple and elegant.

TV background wall how to choose atmospheric grade

The restaurant

There is also a balcony outside the restaurant, which serves as a laundry room, storage room and a place to hang clothes. The floor tiles and ceiling design of the restaurant space continue to maintain the unity and coordination of the overall effect. Three increasing chandeliers are installed in the center of the top surface to create a lighting environment.

Panoramic view of guest restaurant

Balcony Angle of view of the guest restaurant, north-south transparent house, lighting and ventilation effect are particularly great. The collocation of integral hard outfit and colour is very concise also, let a person look comfortable also.

The kitchen

Kitchen installs glass sliding door segregation lampblack, gray floor tile collocation white metope ceramic tile undertakes shop stick, let a space look more sedate. Customized L type cabinet operating platform + suspension cabinet, solid wood door plate combined with white quartz stone mesa, practical atmosphere and grade, and storage has a lot of space, daily operation is more convenient.

The master bedroom

Bedroom space ground undertakes shop stick with wood color real wood floor, tie-in metope white emultii paint stucco, all round climax horn uses plasterline adornment, promote aesthetic feeling. And the bedroom also has a small balcony, can be used as a leisure area, very comfortable.

Advocate defend

Toilet wall ground whole carries on the shop with white room marble grain ceramic tile to stick, present a clean and neat effect, shower area ground all round design drain trough + block water, undertake dry wet separation, avoid bath water everywhere flow, won't affect a space already very practical again. Customized black marble basin bathroom cabinet, with a large bathroom mirror, atmospheric and practical.

Second lie 1

Second lie hard outfit and advocate lie consistent, maintained integral style unity, and contain a small balcony likewise, get through after the space is promoted capacious feeling.

Second lie 2

The hard outfit of small bedroom also is consistent, contain a wave window, laid white marble above, most recreational Angle, very appropriate.

Second lie 3

The 4th bedroom also is such, hard outfit is same concise and open bright, sit to wait for furniture to enter now.

Time to who

The secondary bathroom space is designed to separate dry and wet pattern, and the bathroom area is also customized marble basin bathroom cabinet, with a large bathroom mirror, especially practical and improve the sense of space.

Among shower area ground too tall design discharge cistern + block cistern, assure of toilet dry and neat, closestool chose squat pit, clean sanitation, and clean rise convenient also.

What small appliances are worth buying in the kitchen?

When buying home appliance for bridal chamber, the kind of electric appliance of the kitchen and quantity are undoubtedly the most, and the electric appliance product that emerges in endlessly and countless praise, a lot of time head is hot follow the wind bought, and the discovery in using process did not imagine medium good.

Today, we're going to talk about niche appliances in the kitchen and see if they're an "IQ tax" or the right thing to do!

One, fruit and vegetable washing machine

Fruit and vegetable washing machine is IQ tax?

A: Fruit and vegetable washing machine is not used to clean "fruit and vegetable surface visible dirty things", such as soil, insects, but used to clean "fruit and vegetable above invisible harmful substances", such as pesticide residues, microbial bacteria, clenbuterol, hormones and so on.

In addition, fruit and vegetable cleaning machine purification technology: ultrasonic, ozone, plasma, hydroxyl water ion net (a new generation of purification technology).

Finally, the power of the machine is also very key, the effect between small power and high power is certainly different, and electrical appliances tend to power the greater the effect of the better!

Ps: It's not a necessity, but it can deeply wash food and make it more safe to eat, so it's a really good choice as a cleaning aid.

What small appliances are worth buying in the kitchen?

Two, vacuum molding machine

Vacuum preservation can effectively inhibit the oxidation of active enzymes in the food, also can effectively inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms, prolong the quality and freshness of food; In addition, vacuum preservation processing of food, not only higher sealing but also easy storage and save refrigerator space; And the vacuum packaging also has the characteristics of being clear at a glance, there will not be the problem of "frozen pressure can not distinguish what is in the plastic bag" (ordinary plastic bag often appear "defrosted only to find the wrong" problem).

At present, vacuum fresh-keeping mainly includes "vacuum fresh-keeping bag" and "refrigerator with vacuum fresh-keeping function". Among them, vacuum fresh-keeping bag is divided into two kinds, one is vacuum plastic sealing by vacuum plastic sealing machine; The other is to achieve the purpose of vacuum by pumping air through manual suction cylinder.

Air fryer

With microwaves and ovens, why do air fryers still exist?

First of all, air fryer baked food tastes like fried food, which is very attractive to those who like fried food. At the same time, it has the characteristics of little or no oil, which makes "fried food" more healthy to eat. In addition, the heating efficiency of the air fryer is fast, which makes it quick and delicious to roast intestines, sweet potatoes, wings, corn, dried meat and French fries.

However, due to the limited capacity of the air fryer, it is not convenient to cook large food such as roast chicken, and the surface of baked food is relatively dry, so it needs to be brushed according to the properties of the food, otherwise the baked food will most likely end up in failure.

Ps: The functions of microwave oven, oven and air fryer overlap with each other. The functions of microwave oven are more extensive, such as heating meals and defrosting food are very practical. Therefore, it is recommended to choose microwave oven as the first choice.

Four, kitchen waste processor

If the family often cooking, cooking and washing dishes, will produce a lot of "kitchen waste", under normal circumstances, each time need not next 3-4 times to repeat the following behavior: one hand to lift the sink filter cover, and then hold the other hand, to avoid sewage, grease, kitchen waste dripping on the ground, and then poured into the garbage bucket.

In addition to the headache of garbage classification requirements, it is a happy thing to have a kitchen waste processor, which completely avoids the problem of "breaking bags in front of the garbage can for garbage classification, and no good way to clean dirty hands (for most people it is unacceptable)".

At the same time, if you have a dishwasher installed in your home, it is more convenient to pour the kitchen waste directly into the sink with the kitchen waste processor, and then put it into the dishwasher for machine washing, rather than into the trash bin, so you don't have to worry about spilling the soup.

But the kitchen waste processor is not "what kitchen waste" can be poured into it, too thin may not work, such as shrimp skin, fish scales and so on; Long fiber may not work, such as corn clothes, zongzi clothes; Things that are too hard may not work, like shells and bones.

Five, silica gel scraper (silica gel shovel)

It's not a kitchen appliance, but it's still recommended.

Its main function is to clean up the residue, with a silicone spatula (or silicone spatula) to scrape the residue from POTS and pans into the garbage can/sink, can scrape very clean oh! Compared to kitchen paper towels (consumables), the silicone scraper can be reused and your hands won't touch the oil.

Well, today about the kitchen small household appliances to share this, in addition to the "silicone shovel" the rest of the four appliances are basically said to be IQ tax, but the public opinion, for people in need of basic addiction, also shows that do not follow the trend to buy, easy to step on the pit.

Is it a good idea to tear down walls?

In the face of high prices, many people have to choose a small area of the house, in order to make the home appear more transparent, more and more people will choose to give some segregation space unnecessary wall to "open", "to design" has become nowadays one of the popular trend of home design, knock some impractical metope, can make a bedroom more open, at the same time improve space utilization, Make it more versatile.

01 Living room and balcony get through the partition between the living room and the balcony, the balcony directly into the living room, not only can extend the living room space, make the room more transparent show large, lighting is superior, but also can expand the living room activity area, accommodate more guests.

If the living room area is big enough, or do not want to abandon the balcony function, you can try to cause the balcony area of life housekeeping, customize the housekeeping cabinet with good matching size in advance, put the washing machine, dryer here, and in the housekeeping cabinet planning to receive sundry closed cabinet and open case, orderly receive sundry, convenient daily life.

Of course, in addition to home economics area, but also according to your needs, after getting through the balcony custom platform, set desk, receiving cabinet, booth and other cabinets, the balcony is transformed into leisure area, office area, parent-child activity area... Let balcony function more diversification.

Is it a good idea to tear down walls?

02 living room and dining room through the living room and dining room between the wall (non-load-bearing wall) knocked off, presenting an integrated design, not only can make the room space appear unified, the whole more open, but also can make the air more circulation.

If you feel that there is no obvious division between the living room and the dining room, you can customize a bar in the middle, which not only distinguishes the function, but also won't make the space feel dull. The bar can also become a temporary office area or leisure area, so that the guest restaurant space is more functional.

03 Restaurant and kitchen get through the restaurant and kitchen, the kitchen will be open, the dining tables and chairs are placed in the kitchen, which can not only make the space more significant, but also improve the utilization rate of space, to solve the pain points of many closed kitchens. As to the lampblack problem that a lot of people worry about, need to change ordinary lampblack machine into integrated kitchen only, can avoid major lampblack diffuses to other space.

When the moving line between the restaurant and the kitchen is shortened, it not only makes daily activities more convenient, but also enhances the interaction between family members. People at the table and people cooking can chat without barrier, and the family is more happy and warm. 04 bedroom and cloakroom get through with advocate lie adjacent small room transform cloakroom, knock off wall body, plan the position of bedroom door afresh again, advocate small room and advocate lie, can stretch dimensional feeling not only, also promoted the space to receive ability on the greatest degree, can accommodate the clothings and bedding of four seasons easily. Besides receiving clothings outside, still can establish a dresser here, let this space have change clothes, dress up the function such as at the same time.

If feel cloakroom and sleep area function partition is not clear enough, you can choose to do simple block and partition in the middle, get up in the morning when changing clothes, will not disturb the other half of sleep. Partition material selection, glass, low cabinet partition can, compared with the original wall partition, glass partition will make the bedroom more transparent.

Precautions for the first time house decoration

For the first time to decorate the house notes: just decorated the house, because all aspects of the decoration do not understand, so start from the basic aspects of attention, there are the following points:

1, housing construction period: the average family house decoration needs about 45-70 days. The larger the housing area, the longer the decoration cycle. Usually hard decoration decoration time is about 30-45 days, and soft decoration needs 5-10 days.

2, house decoration: the house is generally used in the whole package, the whole package, clear package three ways.

(1) all-inclusive: refers to the decoration company contracting labor and materials, save worry and effort, but cost money;

(2) half package: decoration company only production of construction and auxiliary materials, the main material to buy, the highest cost performance;

(3) clear package: decoration company only production construction, do not include main material or auxiliary materials, bother to work hard, but save money.

Precautions for the first time house decoration

3, decoration materials:

Decoration materials mainly include two parts, main material and auxiliary material.

(1) Main material: generally can be easily measured building materials, such as wood floor, floor tiles, stone, lamps, doors and Windows, hardware, etc.;

(2) Auxiliary materials: it is generally inconvenient to measure auxiliary materials, such as cement, sand, gypsum board, putty powder, glue, paint, etc.

4, decoration points:

(1) hard decoration style to determine decoration;

(2) living room decoration to consider the location of furniture, appliances, especially the socket;

(3) the bedroom ceiling light is equipped with double control, and the position of the cabinet should be taken into account when installing it;

(4) Balcony, toilet to leave a certain slope to install floor drain.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

Shoe cabinet is every family can not be little, on average a person's shoes have 5-8 pairs, a few people shoes number is doubled, in order to let the home of the shoe cabinet better use, many owners will consult: what kind of shoe cabinet? Actually "what kind of shoe ark is good" cannot generalize, for the family that is having different demand, "better" shoe ark may differ somewhat.

First, shoe cabinet styleBefore discussing which kind of shoe ark is better, it is necessary to understand the style of shoe ark first, I think shoe ark is divided into two kinds roughly, finished product shoe ark and custom model shoe ark.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

1. Finished shoe cabinet

Finished shoe cabinet is easy to move, the position is not used to use, you can move to the more appropriate position you think; Finished shoe cabinet is easy to change, do not like for a long time or too old to change the new can be replaced at any time; More refined finished shoe cabinet style will become a very good decoration in the home......

Finished shoe ark is bought simple, need to choose appropriate design and dimension only, waiting to deliver goods to the door is ok, but because its disspace structure has been fixed, can satisfy a family to use functional demand not necessarily so, this is the place with larger its limitation.

2. Custom shoe cabinet

Customize ark of model shoe can be united in wedlock the specific dimension that puts a position, individual be fond of, decorate style, functional demand to wait to undertake "private order is made", it is in use functional meeting is closer to your demand, but it is not easy to change and move also need to consider inside. The style of custom shoe ark roughly has the following kinds:

The stepped shoe cabinet. Step type shoe ark will different use function discretion strewn at random setting, the form that lets shoe ark no longer "inflexible", rich shoe ark is in dimensional administrative levels.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

Stepped-type shoe cabinet usually matches the design of shoe changing stool, which will be more comfortable when changing shoes, and does not have to make the space crowded because of the need to add another shoe changing stool; Hook is set above the shoe stool to hang clothes, bags, keys and other convenient and practical. Will change shoe stool area or other area is lesser "functional partition and large area of the material of cabinet put oneself in another's position is different color, had" deep, shallow "contrast, dark or light color to attract more attention, and the color of the cabinet put oneself in another's position" stealth "automatically, thus reduce the pressure brought by the big volume of cabinet put oneself in another's position, especially the smaller as some place I don't think this is the tip will be more useful.

⑵ Embedded shoe cabinet. Ark of embedded shoe is "enter" wall body, won't let oneself abrupt, the dimensional integral sex that is in with it is better, and as a result of its complete face can be in same plane as surrounding wall body normally, won't have oncoming oppressive feeling when taking the door so.

⑶ "empty" shoe cabinet. Shoe cabinet to do "empty" processing, below the hanging height of about 150mm can be easily placed most replacement shoes, but also combined with the height of most shoes in the home to determine; Be in "upper part" do cabinet body, below "split body" processing, certain height between put apart (be in commonly 500mm or so can) use to place the article such as bag, key conveniently take.

Two, the choice of "good shoe cabinet" notes

1. Area of shoe cabinet location

The area of shoe ark place place and the design of shoe ark have more direct concern. The larger the area can choose the design according to their own functional needs, preferences and so on, but if the area is small, you can only choose the appropriate style according to the area first, and then choose the style you like in the appropriate style, as far as possible to meet the functional needs and match with the decoration style, there will be limitations.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

2. Family members

There are elders or children in family member, the shoe ark that contains change shoe stool can be better choice, because can let them be a few more comfortable when changing a shoe.

3. Functional requirements of families for shoe cabinets

Shoe ark design choice "starting point" on the needs of the function of the family, in addition to the need to meet to receive shoes, shoes, buy substance such as purpose, sometimes it "existence" is not merely a shoe ark "simple", so the door location it may need to use together with porch partition, the shoe ark design must consider how to combine with porch.

4. The family environment you want to create

Sometimes "indomite stand ground" shoe ark can cause more to the space "complete" break up, affect the pattern of domestic space or daylighting, the lesser circumstance of the space still can become cramped; And use "half tall" shoe ark design won't appear this kind of situation, it won't be dimensional "space", can increase dimensional administrative levels feeling however, the influence to domestic pattern is not very big, also want to combine the area of family and the domestic environment that wants hard outfit to choose so.

Living room how to decorate the living room?

Home to the guests, are basically in the living room to rest and chat, so the decoration of the living room is very important. Today xiaobian will introduce how to decorate the living room.

First of all, when we decorate the living room, don't put too much furniture and appliances, don't think that there should be so much home when the living room is big. Perhaps these furniture looks like the adornment of the sitting room, but in fact, too much adornment household can let the sitting room look very crowded, but lost the meaning that the sitting room exists however, so much furniture adornment can reduce the adornment effect of the sitting room greatly.

Living room how to decorate the living room?
After all, the living room is a big part of what we do at home. If we can't move in the living room, gorgeous furniture is also a barrier to the living room. If the size of the house is small, you should first decide what necessary furniture you want to choose. They know these things and they buy furniture. If you want more style, buy high-quality and well-crafted furniture.

Next, in the decoration of the sitting room, what most friends pay attention to is how to make the sitting room more delicate, how to make the sitting room more fashionable, but there is a very important problem, that is to say, in the decoration of the sitting room, the effect of environmental protection does not allow to ignore.

Finally, we should pay attention to the collocation of living room style. When we choose the overall decoration style, we must make the decoration style of the living room and the overall style of coordination, not only a large area of the living room, small living room can have a variety of styles, playing a great role in the living room decoration. European style, Italian style or any other style, after the selection of a style, must be decorated according to that style. Don't decide to redecorate halfway through. Such decoration will increase the cost and even difficult to carry out a second renovation.

Secrets To Buying the Best Electrolytic Capacitors

In this blog article, I will give you some secrets on how to find the best electrolytic capacitor for your project in this world of ever-changing technology.

What is Electrolytic Capacitor?

Electrolytic capacitors are a popular choice for electronic equipment, as they offer high ripple and noise suppression. They are also able to handle a high current load without overheating. In this article, we will discuss the factors you should consider when purchasing an electrolytic capacitor and the best ways to care for it.

Secrets To Buying the Best Electrolytic Capacitors

How to Choose an Electrolytic Capacitor?

Choosing the right electrolytic capacitor is important for both performance and safety. Here are some tips to help you choose the best one for your application.

First, consider the voltage rating of your capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors are available in a wide range of voltage ratings, from 1 V to 300 V. Choose the rating that matches your application's requirements.

Second, consider the capacitance of your capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors come in various capacitance values, from 1 up to 100000 up. Choose the value that best meets your application's requirements.

Third, consider the dielectric type of your capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors come in two types: air and oil-based. Air-dielectric capacitors are more common and offer better performance than oil-based capacitors. However, oil-based capacitors are more environmentally friendly and may be easier to install.

Finally, consider the form factor of your capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors come in various form factors, including flat packs, plates, and cylindrical. Choose the form factor that best suits your application's requirements.

Types of electrolytic capacitors

Different types of electrolytic capacitors are available on the market, and it is important to choose the right type for your needs. Here are five secrets to buying the best electrolytic capacitors:

1. Choose a capacitor with dielectric strength high enough.
2. Make sure the capacitor meets your voltage and capacitance requirements.
3. Check the capacitor's ripple and noise specs.
4. Look for a capacitor with a long lifetime and a stable voltage rating.
5. Choose a capacitor certified by an independent test lab or manufacturer


From the above text, you already know how to choose an electrolytic capacitor. When you make a purchase, please pay attention to the key points mentioned above.